Cervical Cancer: 3 points women should pay attention to the most

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1. Cervical Cancer occurs in the cells of women’s cervix.

  • It is one of the 4th most common cancers among women as stated by WHO. With an annual increase every year, it is important for women to beware of its symptoms and risk factors and follow the guidance by the specialist closely.

2. Most cases are caused by the HPV virus as well as other factors. You can detect HPV virus by regularly do HPV test.

Generally, it is diagnosed by testing or observing these early warning symptoms which include:

  • Vaginal bleeding during intercourse or between periods
  • Vaginal discharge with blood and unusual smell
  • Pain during intercourse

3. Cervical Cancer is a serious illness but can be prevented by:

  • Getting HPV vaccination for women from ages 9 years old and above
  • Regular testing by pap smear as recommend by specialist.
  • If you are diagnosed or show symptoms, you can visit Prestige Hospital for consultation and receive recommended treatment from our OBGYN specialist. Know when to consult with OBGYN specialist here.

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There are also chances where patients are shy to meet with male doctor, at Prestige Hospital, we also have female doctors with years of experience to treat you as well.

You can learn more about Cervical Cancer with NHS to deep dive in understanding about its causes, symptoms, tests and next steps, and treatments.

3 Points to avoid Cervical Cancer
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