Mission, Vision and Values

Hospital in Cambodia

The Prestige Hospital (TPH)  marks a new era of medical care in Cambodia. TPH was founded with the vision of becoming the healthcare partner of choice for our patients and the belief that everyone deserves to receive quality care and to heal in comfort.

TPH has a strong team of experienced healthcare professionals and utilizes modern medical technologies to deliver the highest possible international level of care in Cambodia. Our Singaporean and diverse multinational medical team is dedicated to delivering holistic care with compassion. We give our patients the peace of mind they need for a better recovery.

Choose Wellness, Choose Prestige.





To deliver cost effective, efficient and appropriate medical care to our patients with the latest technologies, by our international standing medical methodologies with compassion and empathy.

To be your healthcare partner for life.

PASSION: We are dedicated in helping our patients to heal.

RESPECT: We are mindful of everyone’s needs, recognizing the strength in diversity.

EXCELLENCE: We provide high quality services by utilizing technology and sharing global best methodologies.

SERVICE: We are here for your comfort and making everyone’s lives happy and satisfied.

TEAMWORK: We work together to achieve our goals.

INTEGRITY: We adhere to our principle and values.

GENEROSITY: We treat everyone with care, compassion and empathy.

ENVIRONMENT: We are socially and environmentally responsible.

We give our patients the peace of mind they need for a better recovery.

We Care with Trust, Serve with Passion, Heal with Comfort.