Alzheimer: 3 Stages of Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological illness which lowers the ability of the patient to think and malfunction. This disorder has severe effects on:   

  1. Memory
  2. Ability to communicate
  3. Character judgement
  4. General understanding

Most Alzheimer’s disorder arises in humans over 60 years of age. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disorder (dementia) consist of a lesser ability to talk, progressive loss of memory, behavioral troubles, and loss of introspection. The signs and symptoms of this disorder are divided into 3 levels:   

1. Early Stage of Alzheimer

Difficulty gaining knowledge of something new, tough to be explained to or difficulty making plans and activities.   

2. Intermediate Stage of Alzheimer

Decreased capacity to think, issue with memory storage, mood swings, and anxiety.  

3. Final Stage of Alzheimer

Decreased everyday activities, including how to dress, and eat.  

There are many approaches to deal with Alzheimer’s disorder, which includes taking remedy regularly, however you should consult with your Neurologist first.  

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