As you get older, your bones become brittle and lose their density.

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In a matter of time, you could become more prone to injury. But you can prevent yourself from osteoporosis by starting with these simple advice from Prestige Hospital:

  • Eat vegetables: Vegetables contain the best source of Vitamin C, which stimulates production of bone-forming cells.
  • Do exercises like: running or jogging aerobics. physical activity that increases the heart rate and the body’s use of oxygen.
  • Stair climbing
  • Dancing
  • Sports such as tennis or basketball
  • Most adults should consume vitamin D rich food like: red meat, egg and fish with 25 to 50mg of vitamin D daily.
  • Don’t smoke and drink too much: loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Get your bone mineral density tested: This test measures bone mineral density and helps determine risks of osteoporosis and fracture.
  • Take good care of your bones by consulting with our orthopedic specialist at Prestige Hospital.
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