Deputy Director of Nursing

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1.Nurse Operations & Procedures

  • Assist in Developing the policies and procedures for nursing functional operations.
  • Manage and lead all nursing personnel operations.
  • Schedule nurses’ shifts
  • Assign nurses to patients
  • Ensure nursing operational standards are met
  • Provide reports on productivity, quality and customer service metrics
  • Ensure all nurses follow policies and procedures
  • Facilitate Training of new team members
  • Evaluate nurses’ performance
  • Inform family members about medical procedures and doctors’ instructions
  • Handle complaints or other issues
  • Establish a compassionate environment by providing psychological support to patients, family and friends
  • Keep records of nurses’ files, patients’ cases and procedures

2.Nurse Coordination & Healthcare Administration

  • Recognize and assist in solving clinical and administrative problems
  • Monitor budgets and prepare reports
  • Supervise Health Care delivery system to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Maintain medical and staff records
  • Track medical and office supplies stock
  • Update patient health records, including admissions and insurance data
  • Create work schedules for staff members
  • Keep records of expenses and suggest ways to minimize costs
  • Answer queries from doctors, nurses and patients
  • Liaise with medical staff to identify efficiencies in the facility’s operations
  • Ensure compliance with current healthcare regulations.

3.Quality Service Manager

  • Work with clinicians and nurses to provide quality of care and patient safety in the hospital which includes: safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable. In addition, ISO, JCI etc will be part of the QSM responsibilities.

4.Facility Management

  • Oversees the FMS and Security of the hospital and build up the BME (Biomedical Engineering) capabilities

5.Project Management

  • Carry out tasks assigned by CN, Operations & Business Development


  • Gratuated degree in Nursing, Healthcare Administration or a relevant field.
  • Knowledge of developing policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Compassionate and good patient relationship & customer service oriented
  • Knowledge of health care administration systems.
  • Skilled in building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with all levels of personnel.
  • Skilled in planning, organizing, and supervising.
  • Skilled in exercising initiative, judgment, problem-solving, decision making.
  • Ability to work under stress, interruptions and tight deadlines.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex data.
  • Ability to understand financial reports.
  • Ability to exercise professionalism in dealing with all levels of personnel.
  • Good domain knowledge in estate and facilities management and handling contracts
  • Comfortable with crisis & business contingency management and project management
  • Familiar with local regulatory requirements relating to safety, security, building and environmental standards

How to apply:

Please send your CV and Cover letter to careers@prestigehospital.com or contact 016 366 575 / 098 888 742

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