• Dr. Zabiegaj-Zwick Caroline has been with The Prestige Hospital for a while now as a Paediatric Surgeon. With 10+ years of experience in being a Paediatric Surgeon, your children will be in safe hands.To provide you with more information, I will summarize some of her educational background:
    • FCS Paeds Surg (College of Medicine of South Africa) 2016
    • Masters of Medicine: Paediatric Surgery (University of Stellenbosch) 2017
    • Paediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery and Urology Course (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training) 2019
    • SASES laparoscopic suturing and cholecystectomy course (Surgical Skills Training Centre, RCWMCH) 2015
    • Basic Endoscopy course (Surgical Skills Training Centre, RCWMCH) 2015

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