International Standard Hospital, Prestige, will be opening 23 more specialties and 24/7 Services

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Prestige Hospital, an international standard hospital, will be opening 23 more specialties such as Neurology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Cardiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rheumatology, and many other services to deliver the medical needs in Cambodia. Patients who are seeking for treatment can be assured in a high standard of service as Prestige Hospital’s specialists have years of international experience, a diverse multi-cultural background, and with up to 30+ years of experience.

Prestige Hospital is also now open 24/7 to deliver in-patient services for patients who need additional care by our specialists.  Our emergency and intensive care unit (ICU) will also soon be opening within the first quarter of 2022, with advanced medical equipment being setup to align with our promise to provide an  international standard of care.

Book your appointment now at 023 266 999 / 085 689 568 / 067 689 568.

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