Migraine: Why is it so deadly?

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Migraine is a common neurological disease which has a very high diagnosed rate of up to 23% of the global population and patients usually feel frequent headache, sometimes more than 15 days per month. Headache in migraine has several criteria since it can be full headache or half head headache. It is a full head headache or half head headache. Sometimes it can get severe with the combination nausea and vomiting.

What are its risk factors?

Migraine is likely to come from gene in the family and its risk factors are mostly from lack of sleep before the period, drinking red wine and champaign, eating chocolates, sausage, strong smell such as fragrance, fresh paint, and many other factors. Aside from physical factors and there could be psychology factors such as joy and stress.

Migraine usually affects you most during weekend when as you go through change wave of life during your weekday of constantly under pressure to feeling more relaxed on the weekend.

How do we treat Migraine?

If you are having Migraine once a week, you can try background treatment or crisis treatment. Its aim is to reduce the frequency and intensity and you should always seek for treatment as soon as possible. Some recommended treatment can be paracetamol, aspirin, also other more specific treatment such as Triptans, most known as Sumatriptan.

Another solution is to seek for treatment is to seek consultation with Neurologist if the pain is too intense or frequent. It is important to understand the difference between Migraine and headache as their side effects can be different. Cluster headache can give you so much pain but at the same time cannot be treated the same way as we do with Migraine. Facial Neuralgia is also one of the most painful types of headaches and require diagnosis assessment to perform necessary test such as CT Scan.

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