Paediatric General Check-Up & Surgery

General Checkup Surgery
Monday – Saturday Consultation Fee $75.00 (Based on condition)
Public Holiday Consultation Fee $150.00
Exceed 30mn (Per 20mn) $20.00

Paediatric General Checkup

  • Paediatrics encompasses not only treatment of children’s diseases but also preventive care such as immunizations, well baby/child check-up. It is a specialty that deals with all your child’s medical needs and focuses on promoting child’s wellbeing, growth, and development. We provide consultation, comprehensive treatment, and counselling for better understanding of any given situation pertaining to child’s needs. At Prestige Hospital, we handle a variety of medical conditions from neonatal to adolescent. It is our mission to provide compassionate, evidence-based, quality care of newborns to adolescents in a professional, comfortable, and friendly environment.

Paediatric Surgery

  • The Paediatric General Surgery provides consultation and comprehensive treatment of all operative and non-operative pediatric surgical problems. The Prestige Hospital can provide compassionate patient care with an international standard of treatment and ensure that our patients heal in comfort.

Services Available:

  • A subspecialty of general surgery dealing with the surgical care of children from newborn to young adulthood.
  • Paediatric surgery encompasses not only the diagnosis of surgical conditions in children, but also the pre-operative preparation, counselling and instructions, through the surgical management and onto the post-operative care of children undergoing surgical care.
  • Handle a variety of conditions (e.g. scrotal swelling, undescended testes) specific to childhood.
  • Assist parents to cope with children with issues such as childhood constipation.