Skincare: How to avoid having acne?

Oily face is one of the most common people who tend to have acnes. If you choose the right product and take good care of your skin, having acne should not be your concern. Prestige Hospital would like to share 4 tips to stay acne free.

  1. Clean your face regularly in the morning and night

The most usual way to keep your face clean is by regularly washing it. If you are struggling with having oily face, you should wash your face more often even if you do not feel dirt on your face. At night, your skin will eliminate dead skin and produce oil which is why you are recommended to use foam with salicylic acid as it helps make sure your dead cell and oil​ being stored in your pores.

2. Use toner

There are 3 types of ingredients which are recommended such as:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Lactic acid

(Please consult with your doctor prior to using for best recommendation)

3. Take treatment if your skin is not healthy

If your skin is not healthy and usually struggle with staying acne free, you should use Benzoyl peroxide or sulfur during the day to slow down the amount of oil being spread on your face. In the evening, you can try Retinol to keep your pores fresh and clean.

Sometimes, oily skin is not bad if the oil is at the right amount. Oily face helps with slowing down wrinkles compare to dry face.

4. Moisturize your face in the morning and evening

Moisturizing your face regular is essential if you have oily face. Some people believe having oily face does not require any moist which is not correct. All types of skin require regular moisturizing but if you have oily skin, it is good to choose the moisturizer advised by the doctor.

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