Avail International Screening Packages at Prestige Hospital


Traveling abroad during this Covid 19 pandemic can be challenging for patients who regularly avail annual screening abroad such as Singapore or Thailand. Prestige Hospital, an international standard hospital located in the middle of Phnom Penh city, is offering international standard annual screening packages at your convenience.

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Diabetes: 7 Ways to avoid Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be very deadly if not taken care of properly. To avoid type 2 diabetes, our Endocrinologist in Prestige Hospital recommends the following 7 steps: 1. Cut down on sugary and carbohydrate rich food, 2. Exercise regularly…

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French Specialist & General Practitioner: Welcome Dr. Meas Dara

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Prestige Hospital has just opened many services including Neurology with the arrival of our French Neurologist, Dr. Rene Paul Alize. Dr. Paul has more than 20 years of experience working in France and Cambodia. With his international and local experience, Dr. Paul can provide you with international standard of care while giving local feeling to our patients.

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