Thank you letter from The Prestige Hospital

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Since our soft launch on 30th March 2020, we have received supports from both local people and expats who are based in Cambodia. Despite being a newly opened hospital, The Prestige Hospital is always aiming to deliver the best treatment possible according to Singapore standard of care. Our hospital will always be there to listen to your constructive feedbacks and gradually growing to the next level. If you are interested in providing feedbacks to us, feel free to log into this attached link for digital feedback, if you ever got treated at The Prestige Hospital, and never had a chance to provide us one. We will look through every single feedback and find ways to improve our service.

In this upcoming March 2021, The Prestige Hospital will officially be one year old and would like to express our gratitude by hosting our biggest event yet to date. We will be providing a very huge discount on our both checkups and treatments as a thank you gift to our fellow Cambodians and expats who have been giving us a lot of support in this last one year. For more information about the discount, you can always contact to our phone number, and we will happily brief you the information.

Moving to the second year, we hope all our patients are getting healthy with lots of lucks coming in your way. May your path be flowery and lots of good opportunities for you to grab. The Prestige Hospital will only wish the best for you. Together, let’s celebrate our 1-year anniversary by engaging with our posts by either reacting, commenting or sharing our article. We will be having our giveaway coming very soon, so please keep yourself updated with our Facebook page.

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